Миниатюра Мариинский дворец в Киеве

Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature”

The Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature” in Kyiv’s Hydropark holds around 80 miniature objects representing significant landmarks from Kyiv, Crimea, Lviv, and other regions of Ukraine. Also included are famous Indonesian landmarks, introduced in 2017 with support from the Indonesian Embassy. Operating hours vary seasonally and tickets range from free to 150 UAH.

Сирень в ботаническом саду

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden in Kyiv

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden, established in 1935, boasts numerous attractions, including the fountain “Rebirth”, a Master Yoda sculpture, and varying seasonal exhibitions. It features gardens representing various cultures like Indonesia, Korea, Tibet, and Japan, alongside its rose, lilac and other thematic gardens. This botanical diversity is augmented by captivating art and sci-fi installations, making it a celebrated attraction, particularly during May when cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom.

Апарт-готель Смарт Апарт у Вінниці

«Smart-Apart» Hotel in Vinnitsa

The Smart-Apart hotel in Vinnitsa provides clean and comfortable apartment-style accommodation at a central location. It doesn’t offer breakfast and has no elevator. Apartments range from single to seven beds, and amenities include air conditioning, a safe, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Despite its lack of certain features, guests generally have a positive impression of the hotel.

Cheile Bicazului

Bicaz Gorge – Cheile Bicazului

The Bicaz Gorge, located in northeast Romania, is a stunning geological site dotted with massive rocks and a river flowing along. Its vast landscape accommodates souvenir bazaars and parking lots. Despite lacking pedestrian paths and posing a traffic risk, the gorge offers breathtaking views. The gorge road leads to a tourist attraction, the Red Lake, which despite its name appears green and features boating, dining, and hiking opportunities.

Cetatea Neamț

Neamț Citadel –  Cetatea Neamț

The Neamț Citadel, a medieval fortress in northeast Romania, served as a key defense against the Kingdom of Hungary’s expansion. First documented in 1395, the citadel was one of Moldova’s most fortified strongholds. It was refurbished between 2007-2009 and now operates as a museum, featuring 21 rooms such as a chapel, prison, armory, and a council hall. The citadel is uniquely accessed via a wooden bridge built on stone pillars.

Университет в Черновцах

The University of Chernivtsi – the Residence of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans

Chernivtsi National University, also known as the “Ukrainian Hogwarts,” was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. Housed in the former Residence of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans, the complex is notable for its stunning architecture and rich history. The university was founded in 1875 and tours, featuring highlights like the Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs and the Metropolitan Building, are available to visitors.

Ресторан «Панська гуральня» в Черновцах

Restaurant «Panska Huralnia» Chernivtsi

“Panska Huralnia”, a highly rated restaurant in Chernivtsi, offers Romanian, Jewish and Ukrainian dishes along with home-made tinctures and liqueurs. Housed in a charming old building, the restaurant features large, stylish interiors and good service. The user-friendly menu lists each dish’s cooking time. Despite a brief visit, the reviewer recommended the refreshing “Blow of Citrus” cocktail and the “Bukovynian Salad with Salmon.”

Ресторан Віденська кав'ярня Чернівці

Restaurant «Videnska kav’yarnya» (Wiener cafe, Viennese café) in Chernivtsi

The “Vіdenska kav’yarnya” restaurant is a Viennese-style 19th-century coffee house with a full restaurant and pastry shop menu, on Olha Kobylianska Street. It features an atmospheric interior decorated with paintings and historical photographs, and offers live music on its summer terrace. Customers can expect large portions, tasty food, and great service.

Отель Буковина Черновцы

The review of the hotel «Bukovyna» in Chernivtsi

The Bukovyna Hotel, located at 141 Holovna Street and across Shevchenko Park, enjoys a convenient location near shops and restaurants. The lodging offers amenities like a mini-bar, air conditioning, a clean bathroom with hygiene products, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel serves a varied continental breakfast and offers a large parking space. Their service is praised for its cleanliness, comfort, quietness, and good breakfast.

Обновленный фонтан Самсон

Samson fountain in Kyiv

The Samson Fountain, located on Kontraktova Square, was designed by Ivan Hryhorovych-Barskyi and features a sculpture of St. Andrew and sundials by Bruillon. The current Samson statue is a plaster copy; the original has been lost. In 2019 Samson was briefly painted pink, and in 2020 the fountain and statue underwent renovation.

Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

Casey & Skatie Event – Merge Mansion

Event Casey & Skatie becomes available at the end of the renovation of the Beach house location. During the event, you need to get beach toys to then craft a sign. Point items – green stars From beach furniture beach toys are crafted – red stars, spatulas, buckets. Two buckets […]

Кадр из фильма в Луксоре

“Death on the Nile” – a comparison of the book and film adaptations of 1978, 2004 and 2022

“Death on the Nile,” written by Agatha Christie in 1937, has seen three screen adaptations in 1978, 2004, and 2022. The adaptations reflect various differences from the original novel in character portrayal, storyline and motive. The author opines that the 2004 adaptation is the most faithful, starring David Suchet as the best depiction of the character Poirot. The summary also details the properties used for filming and the casting details, including the actors who also appeared in “Harry Potter” films.