Veil of Fate - Merge Mansion

Veil of Fate – Merge Mansion

The event Veil of Fate started at 24th of November. The event point items are Bracelet Charms. Veil of Fate Collections: Lady Voyance’s Tent → Open Astrology → Birth Chart Lady Voyance’s Tent → Crystal House → Charms + Snow Ball Snow Ball + Birth Chart → Ball of the […]

Event Lucky Catch, Merge Mansion

In the event Lucky Catch You have to catch fish and earn Event Points. First of all you have to create Tackle Box. Than you make a rod and catch a fish. You put fish into the camera icon and receive Fishing Trophy. From the Fishing Trophy you earn Event […]

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia, Villadesuso

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia is a pilgrim hotel located in Villadesuso, offering a convenient stop along the Way of Saint James. Despite lacking a nearby grocery store, amenities like a gas station, restaurants and bars are accessible. Run by a kind administrator, the hotel provides comfortable rooms coupled with an ocean view, and vital facilities including a kitchen, laundry, and vending machines. A stay at this delightful place ensures a memorable seaside retreat experience for travellers.

Отель Moov Hotel Porto Norte

Moov Hotel Porto Norte – hotel review

Moov Hotel Porto Norte, located near Sete Bicas metro station, offers convenient access to both the airport and city center of Porto. It is also next to a large shopping center. The hotel is modern and comfortable, with features like pin-enabled rooms, quality Wi-Fi, and comprehensive room amenities. It offers a varied breakfast and early check-in on request.

Мариинский дворец в Киеве

Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv

The Mariinsky Palace, built as an imperial residence in Kyiv in 1755, offers registered online excursions lasting 45 minutes. Visitors undergo security procedures similar to airport checks and can photograph various sections including the White Hall and negotiation rooms. The palace has survived fires, bombings, and multiple renovations, finally becoming the Presidential Residence in 1991. Highlights include an exhibition of presidential gifts, historical paintings, and elaborate dining settings. The Indian movie “RRR” was partially filmed at the Palace. Register online for information on excursion costs and schedules.

Музей Чернобыль в Киеве

National Museum «Chernobyl» in Kyiv

The Chernobyl Museum, situated near Kontraktova Square in Kyiv, has an extensive collection of documents, photographs, personal belongings, station models, and equipment from the Chernobyl disaster. The museum’s exhibits paint a vivid picture of the event and its aftermath, including the abandoned villages, experiences of station staff and liquidators, and the effects of radiation. Visitors can access an exhibition on nuclear terrorism. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, with tickets ranging from UAH 45-90.

Миниатюра Мариинский дворец в Киеве

Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature”

The Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature” in Kyiv’s Hydropark holds around 80 miniature objects representing significant landmarks from Kyiv, Crimea, Lviv, and other regions of Ukraine. Also included are famous Indonesian landmarks, introduced in 2017 with support from the Indonesian Embassy. Operating hours vary seasonally and tickets range from free to 150 UAH.

Сирень в ботаническом саду

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden in Kyiv

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden, established in 1935, boasts numerous attractions, including the fountain “Rebirth”, a Master Yoda sculpture, and varying seasonal exhibitions. It features gardens representing various cultures like Indonesia, Korea, Tibet, and Japan, alongside its rose, lilac and other thematic gardens. This botanical diversity is augmented by captivating art and sci-fi installations, making it a celebrated attraction, particularly during May when cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom.