Kyiv mini-sculptures – SHUKAI! project

The Shukai! project features 41 mini-sculptures installed across different locations in Kyiv. Each sculpture signifies various aspects of Kyiv’s rich history and culture. Some mini-sculptures are dedicated to historical figures, while others represent city’s symbols such as the Kyiv Chestnut.

The Fa-la-la-la Follies event - Merge mansion

The Fa-la-la-la Follies event – Merge mansion

The point items are presents. You have to create Caroline Stage, which can be fill with some kind of costume and musical instrument. And then you receive some items, from which you create presents. Holiday Market → Full Stocking → Holiday Cracker → Open Cracker → Tuba & Presents Holiday […]

Veil of Fate - Merge Mansion

Veil of Fate – Merge Mansion

The event Veil of Fate started at 24th of November. The event point items are Bracelet Charms. Veil of Fate Collections: Lady Voyance’s Tent → Open Astrology → Birth Chart Lady Voyance’s Tent → Crystal House → Charms + Snow Ball Snow Ball + Birth Chart → Ball of the […]

Event Lucky Catch, Merge Mansion

In the event Lucky Catch You have to catch fish and earn Event Points. First of all you have to create Tackle Box. Than you make a rod and catch a fish. You put fish into the camera icon and receive Fishing Trophy. From the Fishing Trophy you earn Event […]

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia, Villadesuso

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia is a pilgrim hotel located in Villadesuso, offering a convenient stop along the Way of Saint James. Despite lacking a nearby grocery store, amenities like a gas station, restaurants and bars are accessible. Run by a kind administrator, the hotel provides comfortable rooms coupled with an ocean view, and vital facilities including a kitchen, laundry, and vending machines. A stay at this delightful place ensures a memorable seaside retreat experience for travellers.