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Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia, Villadesuso

Alojamiento Camino Portugues Oia is a pilgrim hotel located in Villadesuso, offering a convenient stop along the Way of Saint James. Despite lacking a nearby grocery store, amenities like a gas station, restaurants and bars are accessible. Run by a kind administrator, the hotel provides comfortable rooms coupled with an ocean view, and vital facilities including a kitchen, laundry, and vending machines. A stay at this delightful place ensures a memorable seaside retreat experience for travellers.

Отель Moov Hotel Porto Norte

Moov Hotel Porto Norte – hotel review

Moov Hotel Porto Norte, located near Sete Bicas metro station, offers convenient access to both the airport and city center of Porto. It is also next to a large shopping center. The hotel is modern and comfortable, with features like pin-enabled rooms, quality Wi-Fi, and comprehensive room amenities. It offers a varied breakfast and early check-in on request.

Cheile Bicazului

Bicaz Gorge – Cheile Bicazului

The Bicaz Gorge, located in northeast Romania, is a stunning geological site dotted with massive rocks and a river flowing along. Its vast landscape accommodates souvenir bazaars and parking lots. Despite lacking pedestrian paths and posing a traffic risk, the gorge offers breathtaking views. The gorge road leads to a tourist attraction, the Red Lake, which despite its name appears green and features boating, dining, and hiking opportunities.

Cetatea Neamț

Neamț Citadel –  Cetatea Neamț

The Neamț Citadel, a medieval fortress in northeast Romania, served as a key defense against the Kingdom of Hungary’s expansion. First documented in 1395, the citadel was one of Moldova’s most fortified strongholds. It was refurbished between 2007-2009 and now operates as a museum, featuring 21 rooms such as a chapel, prison, armory, and a council hall. The citadel is uniquely accessed via a wooden bridge built on stone pillars.