Мариинский дворец в Киеве

Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv

Excursion to the Mariinsky Palace

To get on an excursion to the Mariinsky Palace, you need to register on the websitehttps://www.m-palace.com.ua/

Palace address: Mikhail Grushevsky street, 5a (to the right of the Verkhovna Rada).

An actual cost of the excursion to the Mariinsky Palace you can find on the website. You can take pictures with camera or by the phone. At the entrance you will go through all the same procedures as at the airport before departure – passport control, security control.

The excursion lasts 45 minutes and is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A Brief History of the Mariinsky Palace

The Mariinsky Palace was built in 1755 as an imperial residence in Kyiv for Empress Elizabeth. True, Elizabeth never visited the palace. The palace was built on the model of the palace of Alexei Razumovsky in Perovo according to the project of B. Rastrelli. Rastrelli himself was never in Kyiv, the construction was led by the architect Ivan Michurin. At the same time, St. Andrew’s Church was being built.

In 1787 Empress Catherine II lived in the palace.

In 1819 there was a fire that destroyed the second floor and partly the first floor of the palace.

In the 1830s-1860s, the palace was rented by the Mineral Water Association, which restored the palace and set up a sanatorium in the palace.

In 1868, a major restoration of the palace began according to the plans of Rastrelli under the leadership of Karl Mayevsky.

In 1943, a bomb fell on the palace in the place where the White Hall is now located. The palace was badly damaged. After the war, restoration work was carried out under the leadership of Pavel Alyoshin.

In 1991 the palace became the official residence of the President of Ukraine.

In 2007 – 2018, the restoration of the palace was carried out.

The White hall

Of course, the most beautiful room in the Mariinsky palace is the White Hall. VIP delegations are received here – presidents of different countries, the Pope, heads of governments. The hall is decorated in the style of classicism, above the arches you can see the heads of rams.

A special book where guests leave their greetings and thanks.

Guestbook of the Mariinsky Palace
Guestbook of the Mariinsky Palace

The Hall for negotiations

Negotiations are taking place here. Just the day before the tour, negotiations were held here with the President of Lithuania, as evidenced by the flag. Painting on the wall by Ivan Tychoy “Actress”.

Hall for negotiations
Hall for negotiations

This room shows how the table is set during gala dinners. Paintings by Tatiana Yablonskaya and Tatiana Golembievskaya (The White Dress).

The Mariinsky palace has a small exposition with gifts to the President of Ukraine. I was most interested in “A gold book by Andy Warhol” and gifts from China and Iran. All gifts can be seen in Vernadsky’s library.

Main staircase of the Mariinsky Palace

Main staircase of the Mariinsky Palace

On the tour, of course, they do not show all the rooms of the palace, because this is the Residence of the President of Ukraine. I did not take pictures of other rooms, because nothing interested me there.

Mariinsky Palace from a drone

In August 2021, I filmed the palace from a drone. It so happened that at that time the Indian movie “RRR” was filmed there. Therefore, on the lawn in front of the palace there are different decorations, and vintage cars are parked near the palace.

Mariinsky Palace from a drone

Mariinsky Palace from a drone
Mariinsky Palace from a drone

Mariinsky Palace in Indian movie

The song Naatu Naatu from the movie RRR, which was filmed near the Mariinsky Palace, received an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2023.

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