Сирень в ботаническом саду

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden in Kyiv

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden was established in 1935. The botanical garden reaches its peak popularity during the May holidays, when cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom.

Nikolai Nikolaevich Grishko is a Ukrainian academician, geneticist, botanist, and breeder. Below is a photo of a commemorative plaque.

Commemorative plaque in honor of Nikolai Grishko

At the entrance to the botanical garden meets the fountain. This fountain “Rebirth” appeared here relatively recently, there used to be another fountain. Along the perimeter of the fountain, the phrase “May peace prevail on Earth” is written in 8 languages (Ukrainian, Polish, German, Japanese, English, French, Arabic and Spanish). The central composition of the fountain is a lotus flower, as a symbol of life, and a man and a woman, as symbols of the rebirth of high love, peace and absolute harmony.

The fountain “Rebirth

There is also a map at the entrance

The map of the garden

Master Yoda sculpture in the botanical garden

The Master Yoda sculpture was installed in the botanical garden in July 2017. The Master Yoda sculpture is located to the right of the “Seasons” location, you need to go through the gate of the location and take the right wooden path.

Скульптура Магистра Йоды в Ботаническом саду
Master Yoda

Here is the map how to find the Statue of Master Yoda

Exhibition “Seasons” in August

In August, different varieties of asters, dahlias, and chrysanthemums can be seen in the “Seasons” exhibition. The location is very good. This is just a small part of the flowers that you will be able to see

Exhibition “Climbing plants”

It is a very interesting location, I have never come here before, but probably in the spring it is not as interesting here as in the summer. There are many arches and tunnels created by climbing plants, and hydrangeas bloom here. This location reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

The hydrangeas are in full bloom.

Arch, behind it another arch, behind it another …

Green arches and tunnels

Inside the tunnels there are benches, you can sit in the shade in solitude. I wonder how it is here in autumn, it must be very beautiful.

There are several green tunnels

Very beautiful space

You can see views of the residential complex on Zverinetskaya from here

Indonesian pavilion and garden

In 2017, at the initiative of the Embassy of Indonesia, the Indonesian Garden project was presented, designed by Indonesian architect Mr. Jatniko Nanggamiharjo. The Indonesian Garden encompasses various elements such as Pagar, Gapura, Saung Ranggon, Saung Sorondoy, Baleriung, and Borobudur.

Entrance called Pager

Entrance to the garden, called Gapura

Saung Sorondoy, this place reminded me of pictures of Bali

Baleriung is a place for meetings and ceremonies. Yoga classes can be held here

Borobudur is the largest temple complex in the world. The stupa in the botanical garden is a replica of the 72 stupas of the Borobudur temple, the same size as the original stupas in a temple in Indonesia. The stupa was installed in August 2019.

Korean garden

The Korean Garden was established in 2012 in connection with the twentieth anniversary of Korean-Ukrainian diplomatic relations. The garden consists of three parts – a pavilion, a copy of the pavilion in Chanduk Palace, a gate and a Korean wall with a sagunja ornament.

Tibetan garden

The Tibetan Garden houses the Enlightenment Stupa and a meditation pavilion. The stupa is a symbol of complete deliverance from suffering, overcoming all obstacles and revealing the charitable qualities of consciousness. The stupa and pavilion were created taking into account all Buddhist canons by the Buddhist community of Rangjun Yeshe.

Monument to Sri Chinmoy “Prayer for Peace”. Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) – philosopher, poet, artist, composer, spiritual leader, athlete, devoted his life to inspired service to those who strive for peace and tranquility. Every week from 1970 until the end of his life, he held Peace Meditations at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Gallery of Sri Chinmoy’s paintings

Japanese garden

The Japanese garden in the botanical garden is in a rather sad state, apparently no one has been doing it for a long time. The only more or less normal place in the whole garden near a small pond with lilies. The beautiful Japanese garden in Kyiv is located in the Kyoto park.

Rose garden

Traditionally, I am late to the rose garden. Either I arrive too early and the rose garden is closed, or the roses are almost out of bloom. The rose garden boasts an expansive size, and during the height of its blooming season, it is undoubtedly a sight of incredible beauty.

Tulips in the botanical garden

As a customary gesture, park visitors in May are welcomed by a captivating pathway adorned with tulips. What makes this pathway truly remarkable is its cascading design, which creates stunning optical illusions and delightful visual effects.

Sakura in the botanical garden

During the early days of May, the enchanting sakura blossoms grace the landscape. The trees are strategically arranged in a semicircular formation, creating a captivating perspective effect that adds to the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Lilac in the botanical garden

The Lilac Garden, also known as Siringaria, was established in 1948 and spans across an area of 2.45 hectares. Situated above the Vydubitsky Monastery, Siringaria offers a picturesque setting to behold. It is advisable to visit the Lilac garden early in the morning or on weekdays because on weekends and during the May holidays, a considerable number of visitors flock to the garden, leading to queues both at the ticket office and near the lilac bushes.

Сирень в ботаническом саду

Ioninsky Monastery and Trinity Church

Website of the monastery https://iona.kiev.ua/

Gravel Garden

The garden was created in 2007-2010 with the aim of reclamation of construction waste, that is, the garden was created on the basis of the remains of gravel and marble.

Lavender is often found in the botanical garden. Regrettably, in several areas, the lavender plants suffer from being crushed and broken due to the constant influx of visitors, particularly ladies, who often venture into the lavender to capture photographs.

Austrian Alpine Garden

The Austrian Alpine Garden was opened on November 12, 2013 in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Austria.

The labyrinth

For a better perspective of the labyrinth, it is advisable to observe it from an elevated vantage point, ideally capturing aerial shots with a drone. I ascended the hill, but unfortunately, a tree obstructs a portion of the labyrinth from view.

Lavra view

Memorial sign in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence

Sculpture “Legeni lung”, created in 2020

View of the Vydubitsky Monastery in summer

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