Сирень в ботаническом саду

The Nikolai Grishko Botanical Garden was established in 1935. The botanical garden reaches its peak popularity during the May holidays, when cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom. Nikolai Nikolaevich Grishko is a Ukrainian academician, geneticist, botanist, and breeder. Below is a photo of a commemorative plaque. At theRead More →

Дача Чоколова

In recent years, Irpin has become a city of beautiful and well-groomed parks. This happened as a result of the arrival in the city of a large number of developers who compensate residents with parks for rapidly building residential complexes and attract potential residents. But I liked this furnished Irpin.Read More →

Городской парк в Буче

A beautiful city park is spread among pine forests in the city of Bucha. There are playgrounds, bike paths, various beautiful photo zones, and many unusual statues. It is very pleasant to relax here with children or just sit on a bench in the shade. The park is well maintainedRead More →