Дача Чоколова

Small beautiful city Irpin

In recent years, Irpin has become a city of beautiful and well-groomed parks. This happened as a result of the arrival in the city of a large number of developers who compensate residents with parks for rapidly building residential complexes and attract potential residents. But I liked this furnished Irpin. The city is very well maintained, new sidewalks, fountains everywhere, new lights, benches, bike paths. Everything is neat and clean.

Initially, Irpin was a holiday village, the oldest houses here date back to 1903-1905.

Central square of Irpin

In front of the city hall of Irpin stands one of the most pleasant monuments to Taras Shevchenko. Here Shevchenko is a young, light, well-known portrait painter, a favorite of women.

Monument to Taras Shevchenko

There is a large fountain in front of the monument. In the evening it glows.


Pine trees are everywhere in Irpin.

Central park

Central Park is located next to the Central residential complex. The park was laid out right in a pine forest – paths for walking and bicycles were laid, a barbecue area was created, lawns with grass were arranged, which do not exist in a pine forest.

Sculptures are placed everywhere, there is a small pond. There are separate areas for mothers with strollers, where it is quiet and the child can sleep.

Local Tunnel of Love

Pravik Park

Vladimir Pravik was one of the first firefighters to arrive at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. He died two weeks later in Moscow, where he is buried under a thick layer of concrete. After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a large number of residents of Pripyat were resettled in Irpin, including the parents of Vladimir Pravik.

Monument to Vladimir Pravik

In the park, LED figures are installed everywhere, they probably glow beautifully in the evening.

Writers Park

Writers’ Park was not always the same as it is now. It was reconstructed three years ago.

Writers Park

Monument to the poet

Here you can see a monument to the writer, it is made of wood, author Nikolai Bondarchuk.

Monument to the writer

On a day off here on every lawn there is either a picnic or a children’s birthday.

Near the park there are houses that belonged to the writers’ union, including Chokolov’s dacha.

Merchant Chokolov’s dacha – the house of creativity of the Writers’ Union

The dacha was built at the beginning of the 20th century for a ballerina, mistress of the merchant Chokolov. When she found out that her lover was married, she committed suicide in this house, and the merchant drank himself out of grief and died.

Other chalets of writers – beautiful multi-colored houses

There is also an alley with wooden sculptures by Nikolai Bondarchuk

Alley of wooden sculptures in Writers’ Park

The first is called the Poet, and the third is called Early Glory.

Pokrovsky Park

There are also wooden sculptures in Pokrovsky Park, there are thirty of them in total. The park is small, it is believed that this is a children’s park. The entrance is guarded by two large soldiers.

Entrance to Pokrovsky park

Wooden sculptures by Nikolay Bondarchuk and Oleg Pilipyuk.

Park Neznajka (Dunno)

Nikolai Nosov wrote his first book about Dunno in Irpen. Recently, a children’s park was created here in honor of Dunno.

There are also other parks in Irpin, a new embankment with photo zones, as well as a beautiful church from 1905 and a unique spring. It’s good to come here on a day off from noisy Kyiv and breathe the air under the pines.

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