Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

Hotel review Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort offers increased comfort. There are no traditional wristbands here, very good service, friendly staff, cozy rooms.

The hotel has free: safe, beach towels, mini bar, almost all restaurants, gym, sauna, hammam, indoor pool and jacuzzi, courts. You have to pay for some alcohol, a la carte restaurants, spa treatments.

At check-in, you will be given two keys and a card for beach towels. When you check out, you simply return the keys and cards.

Map of the Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

Map of the Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

The buildings of the hotel Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

There are six residential buildings in the Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort hotel. The first, second and third buildings are located near the pool, the fourth is partially near the pool, and the fifth and sixth go inland towards the bazaar.

In this photo on the left, the circular building is the lobby, this is the entrance to the hotel and the reception. To the right of the round building is the third building, further the corner is the fourth building and two buildings to the right – the fifth and sixth. Small houses in the center are a bazaar with beige stretched tents.

View of the hotel – in the center is the third building, on the right is the dome of the lobby and the first and second buildings. And the fourth, fifth and sixth are sandwiched between the neighboring hotel and the bazaar. Two pools, a slide, palm trees on the site in front of the pools, and then a path to the sea and green area.

There are rooms with a sea view only in the first, second, third and a little in the fourth building. In the rest of the buildings, the windows overlook the bazaar or the neighboring hotel.

We lived in the second building, this is the most extreme building in relation to the sea. In this building there are restaurants, a bar, next to a swimming pool, green area and a stage. Living in this building, you will be in the thick of all the events.

In the photo to the right is the second building, to the left is the first building. Downstairs (B2 floor) is a large bar and restaurant (B1 floor). We lived on the third floor, on a balcony with dark green wooden beams – under the roof. There are also attic-type rooms on the 4th floor.

In the evenings we had this view from the balcony

Our room at Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

We had a standard Sea view room in the second building on the third floor, room number 2309 with a balcony.

The room has a bathroom with a bathtub, a large flat screen TV, a mini bar, a kettle, a safe, an air conditioner. The minibar was filled with a special person every morning.

The bathroom has branded cosmetics – shampoos, conditioners, body lotion, hairbrush, various hygiene stuff. Various types of towels, slippers and bathrobes. Bathrobes are the nicest thing.  The maids also brought various gifts – sisal washcloths, dental kits. I saw some of the ladies have branded bags with the symbols of the hotel, but I saw just a couple of them, perhaps they brought them from previous trips, since I did not find bag in my room, although I really wanted to.

The room service is very good, the maids are happy with you as a family. The beds were changed daily. We of course left everyone a good tip – 1-10 dollars or 10-20 lira.

The room on the balcony has a special dryer for swimwear and towels. I hung up my towels there and one flew from the balcony. I never managed to find him. I asked all the staff, including the restaurant, where the towel might have fallen. I suspect that it flew to the lower balconies and people left it for themselves without a twinge of conscience.

Views from the balcony at different times of the day

Cons and pros of our room

Our room had one significant drawback – all discos, parties and karaoke took place directly below under the palm trees. And we involuntarily attended all very loud events, and involuntarily listened to all the howls in Sunday karaoke. The double-glazed window saved, but not 100%. During the Red Party on Monday, the room literally shook and it was just scary to open the doors to the balcony. I can’t imagine how to live here with small children. The entire evening program begins after nine in the evening, and at half past nine we were already going to bed.

Of the advantages – this is of course the view, the proximity of the pools and restaurants. In addition, it is very convenient to observe the territory for the presence of a free sunbed or your belongings on a sunbed. You can also watch all the events, such as the Oktoberfest.

In the photo, preparation for the Red Party and Oktoberfest

Dining at the Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

The hotel has a large shared restaurant called Horizon and several a la carte restaurants as well as cafes and bars.

Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 10:30 am at Horizon Restaurant. If you did not have time to have breakfast, then everything is transferred to the BISTRO cafe.

Lunch from 12:30 to 14:30 at Horizon Restaurant. You can also dine at the ANATOLIA restaurant, you just need to come to the restaurant in advance and make an appointment. Usually at 12 o’clock there is a queue. In the ANATOLIA restaurant, it is also fashionable to take ice cream and bake flat cakes there.

Between lunch and dinner, you can grab some waffles and sweets at the BIGHUT Pool Bar or eat at the BISTRO Café. Order à la carte, there are salads and sandwiches. I ordered the tuna sandwich, it was delicious. BISTRO works 24 hours.

There is a Starbucks-style coffee house called The lounge and is located in the fourth building. From the outside it looks like a European cafe. I didn’t drink coffee here, I’m not a fan of such establishments. 

In the third building there is a cozy LOBBY BAR and the Wine House wine room is also located there.

Dinner is served from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Horizon Restaurant. You can also sign up for dinner at one of the A la carte restaurants – Italian or fish. Entrance to the Taka A’la Carte and Capri A’la Carte restaurants costs 7 euros.

There is also a bar on the beach.

I don’t know if this is due to covid restrictions, or if this is a common practice here, but all the food is given to you at the counters, the drinks are brought by the waiters.   Appliances and napkins are sealed in paper packaging.

In the photo there is a dining room during breakfast and sealed cutlery.


Standard European breakfast – eggs, sausages, different types of scrambled eggs, you can ask to fry an omelet with different fillings. But I didn’t like the omelet here, I tried it only once. But I really liked the egg rolls with spinach. There are milk cereals, fruits, vegetables, sausages and cheeses, stewed vegetables, pickled vegetables, different types of olives, different dishes such as stuffed tomatoes with cheese, pancakes, waffles. Jams, canned fruits, various yoghurts, snacks, muesli, cookies, buns. There is also soup.

As for drinks – different types of coffee from a coffee machine, Turkish tea, tea bags, orange fresh, various juices from packs, brewed coffee. If you really need, you can ask to bring something of alcohol, I saw how the waiter carried champagne.


For lunch, there were usually two types of soup, two types of pasta with different sauces, two or three types of fish (on different days there was haddock, mackerel, sardines, tuna, trout, etc.), meat dishes. Usually there were dishes of local cuisine, many different salads. Stewed vegetables, various hot dishes like stews. Sweets and fruits for dessert.

There was a special buffet for children for lunch and dinner – there were various dietary dishes – pasta without sauces, buckwheat porridge, dietary meat, etc. I used to get pasta here.

As for drinks – juice from packages, tea, coffee, wine, beer. You can ask for raki or something else from the bar.


For dinners, a separate table of delicacies is added to what usually happens for lunch. One evening there was grilled salmon, another some meat, to which there was a long queue. On the delicatessen table were sushi, various meat delicacies, salmon rolls, and all sorts of shrimp snacks. I will say that the sushi is so to itself – the rice is not the same and the filling is also. But I really liked the salmon rolls and the grilled salmon too.


The hotel operates under the ultra all inclusive program, there are free imported alcohol in the bars here, such as Ballantine’s and Red label whiskeys, martinis and much more. I don’t drink such alcohol, so I don’t know the whole list. Cocktails based on imported alcohol are also served. There is also paid alcohol, for example a Jägermeister costs 7 euros. There is a free cheap analogue of Jägermeister – Jagdtraum liqueur. Efes beer in cans and on tap.  I also tried wine, I did not like it.

There is also a wine cellar in the Lobby bar, but I don’t know whether it’s paid or not.

In the photo below, the interior of the Lobby bar, my Turkish tea and Jagdtraum liquor and the Lobby bar assortment.

Also in the cafes and bars of the hotel, Turkish coffee is prepared and served in beautiful small cups

Turkish coffee

Pools at Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

There are several swimming pools at Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort. Three large ones and one more small one for babies. In the fourth building downstairs there is an indoor heated pool and there is also a jacuzzi. The entrance is next to the SPA center. Outdoors there are two large swimming pools. The lower pool with warm water – where everyone splashes – both old and small. Upper cold water pool – 24 degrees. There are always few people here and here you can swim like in a sports pool.

Upper pool

There is a small pool with water slides. There is an indoor small pool for toddlers and an outdoor one.

In the photo to the right is a cold pool, I called it adults only, to the left is a warm pool.

Pools at Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

Upper cold water pool. There is a transparent partition at the edge of the pool, you can admire the view. The lower pool is where everyone splashes. All sorts of contests, water aerobics, water games, etc. are also held here. Music plays here, noisy and fun.

If you want peace, silence and the absence of children – you are in the upper pool.


The territory of the hotel Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

There is a large green area between the pool and the beach. There are sun loungers, gazebos with swings and hammocks. There is a pleasant shade and relative peace here. Minus – when you walk from the sea with wet feet on the grass, your feet will be in the ground and leaves. Not very nice.

In the evening, the lights come on and you can spend time here in a hammock or on a sofa.

Green area and beach

Beach and pier at Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort

The hotel’s beach is its weak point. The beach is small, the sun loungers are busy by 11 o’clock and the coastline itself is short. The sunbeds begin to occupy as soon as it blooms, after six in the morning a lot of people with towels walks to the beach. There is also a pier and many swimmers goes to the water from the pier. There are sun loungers on the pier too. There are large stones in the water, my husband cut his hand on the stones on the very first day and we never went to the sea again.

I walked along the sea at dusk and dawn, very beautiful. The pier is beautifully illuminated in the evening.

Hotel beach and pier

For kids

For children there is a large playground, a kids club, and various entertainment. I saw how the children ran along with the animators on some quests. In the evening, there is a mini-disco or some kind of children’s show.

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