Бассейн в Zuri White Sands

The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino – a good hotel in Goa

Zuri White Sands in Varca – a five-star hotel with a very beautiful area, lots of greenery, flowers. This hotel specializes in weddings.

Prices and booking at the Zuri White Sands

The beach is common, as everywhere in Varca, though there is no one there but tourists from the hotel. There is the supermarket within 10 minutes walking by feet from the hotel. There is a rum shop near the hotel.

We had only breakfast, they are very good. We had dinners and lunches on the beach at the shack (local beach restaurants with sea food).

The hotel has a large beautiful pool, immersed in flowers and greenery, in the evening there is amazing lighting.

Despite the fact that there were many guests who came to the wedding at the hotel, we almost did not meet them, they spent time at their banquets and lawns, went to the beach only in the evening to take pictures, did not swim in the pool.

We had a room on the 1st floor in the right part of the hotel near the pool so we could swim just out of the room. There were no other guests there. Unfortunately, for some reason I did not take a picture of our room.

There was no one on the beach either, locals do not swim in the sea.

It was very comfortably and pleasant to be here, complete relaxation. The service at the hotel is great. The staff is very friendly.

Photos of Zuri White Sands Hotel and territory

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