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Varca beach and sunset on Goa

Varca Beach is a long sandy beach next to the Arabian Sea. It’s enjoyable to walk on the beach in the early morning and evening. The beach is always empty because the locals don’t visit it.

The beach is 10 km long, and you can take a walk to the nearby town. It’s important to note that this is a public beach, without any private hotel areas. If you’re staying at a hotel and plan to leave the beach, you’ll need to sign in a logbook with the security guard. Remember, the hotel doesn’t take responsibility for you once you’re on the beach.

On the beach, you’ll find small restaurants called “shacks”. We enjoyed eating seafood there for both lunch and dinner.

Sometimes cows roam on the beach. However, in Goa, cows are not considered sacred like they are in other places in India. Instead, they are raised for their meat, which is used to make fresh steak. These cows are well-fed and similar to the cows we have in Europe. In Gokarna, I noticed a different kind of cows on the streets. They were thin, dark brown, and smaller in size.

The beach is usually not crowded. People who follow the Hindu belief often avoid sunbathing or swimming. They have a belief that entering the water may attract a demon that will pull them down into the sea. Sometimes they prefer to sit in their clothes at the water’s edge and wet their feet. Occasionally, those who are brave may venture into the water up to their waist in jeans. Many of them do not know how to swim.

Пляж Варка
Пляж Варка
Коровы на пляже в Варке

On the beach, you can find silver jewelry for sale. They are priced between 300-1000 rupees, but they might be made of a mixture of silver and other metals. There are only a few shopkeepers on the beach and they are often chased away by hotel security guards. Each woman on the beach has her own designated area. It is common to see her young children, usually around 2-3 years old, playing in the bushes or nearby. Sometimes there are couples as well. The husband sells bedspreads while the wife offers henna painting and sells jewelry. It’s important to note that the jewelry is not real silver and henna painting can be quite expensive. If you prefer more affordable options, you can find them at the hotel. For example, I paid $25 for henna painting on my hands. Eating dinner at a beachside restaurant costs an average of 1,000 rupees.

One of the most peaceful places on the beach was a restaurant, locally known as “shack Pereira’s“. We had many enjoyable moments there. The waiter, Mitun (Misha), was very charming and friendly. It was particularly delightful to sit at the bar during sunset, savoring beer, garlic shrimp, and relishing the beautiful views, peaceful atmosphere, and tranquility.

The sky becomes dark quite fast in February. The sun starts setting around 6 o’clock, and by 7 o’clock it’s already dark.

Sunset on Goa

One evening, there was an incredibly beautiful sunset. It was a unique and vivid sunset, unlike any other.

Закат на Гоа
Закат на Гоа
Закат на Гоа

Бассейн в Zuri White Sands

The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino – a good hotel in Goa

The Zuri White Sands in Varca is a five-star hotel known for its beautiful gardens, massive pool, and hosting weddings. Despite being typically crowded, guests have the beach primarily to themselves, appreciating the peaceful environment. There are nearby amenities, and the hotel service is commendable. The overall experience is pleasant and relaxing.