Закат на Гоа

Varca beach and sunset on Goa

Varca Beach is a long open sandy beach along the Arabian Sea. It is very nice to walk on the beach at dawn and at sunset. The beach is completely empty. Locals do not go to the beach.

The beach is 10 km long and you can walk to the neighboring town. There are no closed hotel beaches here, the beach is public. When leaving the beach from the hotel you need to sign in a notebook of the the security guard, the hotel is not responsible for you on the beach.

On the beach there are restaurants – shacks. We had lunches and dinners there with seafood.

Sometimes cows walk on the beach. But in Goa, a cow is not a sacred animal, but a fresh steak. Here they are fattened and similar to our European cows. In Gokarna, I saw other cows on the streets – thin, dark brown, smaller in size.

The beach is always so empty. Hindus do not sunbathe or bathe. They believe that they should enter the water as the demon pulls them to the bottom of the sea. Sometimes they sit in their clothes in the water on the sand and wet their feet. Especially the brave can go to the waist in jeans in the water. Most do not know how to swim.

Silver jewelry decorations are sold on the beach. Cost 300-1000 rupees, maybe it’s an alloy of silver with other metals. There are very few shopkeepers on the beach. Security guards from the hotel chase them. Each woman has her own section of the beach. As a rule, in the bushes sits 2-3 year old baby, or even a few. Sometimes there are couples. The husband sells bedspreads, the wife paints with henna and sells jewelry. Decorations are not real, henna painting is very expensive. At the hotel it’s all more cheaper. The painter took $ 25 from me for painting hands with henna. For comparison, the security guard’s salary at the hotel is 8,000 rupees. With this money he feeds his wife and two children. Dinner at a restaurant on the beach costs an average of 1,000 rupees.

The most soulful place on the beach was a restaurant, or as they are called here, shack Pereira’s. We spent many pleasant hours here. The waiter Mitun (Misha) is extremely charismatic and affectionate. It is especially good to sit at the bar at sunset, drink beer, eat shrimp with garlic and enjoy the views, tranquility and general tranquility.

It darkens very quickly. At 18 the sun begins to set, at 19 it is already dark.

Sunset on Goa

One evening there was a stunning beauty sunset. Such a bright sunset was only once.

  • Закат на Гоа
  • Закат на Гоа
  • Закат на Гоа

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