Ресторан «Treetoria» в Черновцах

Restaurant «Treetoria» in Chernivtsi

The “Treetoria” restaurant is located near the “Bukovyna” hotel at 141 Holovna Street.

Restaurant “Treetoria” is a beautiful garden in which tables and cozy pavilions are lost among green trees and bushes. There is a fountain and a picturesque bridge on the territory, in the evening candles are lit and flashlights are turned on. The garden looks very romantic.

The service is very good. I also really liked the food.

I ordered beer, Greek salad and grilled dorado. It all cost 492 hryvnias.

There is a white tent in the middle of the restaurant

Romantic pavilions with cozy lights

A small bridge and a fountain

The Treetoria restaurant is a very pleasant, romantic place and inexpensive. An excellent option for guests of the “Bukovyna” hotel.