Cheile Bicazului

Bicaz Gorge – Cheile Bicazului

The Bicaz Gorge is something incredible! I saw similar rocks only on the road from Italy to Germany through the Alps.

The Bicaz Gorge is located in the north-east of Romania, coordinates 46°46′N 25°46′E, the Bicaz River flows along the gorge. A motor road passes through the gorge, wide areas under the rocks are occupied by souvenir bazaars and parking lots. Walking along the gorge along the road is not very comfortable, because there are no paths for pedestrians, and you need to walk very carefully because of the traffic.

The views are amazing, these huge rocks overhead were sometimes frightening, especially when they hang right over the road.

Neither video nor photos convey the real grandeur of these rocks.

I walked along the Bikaz Gorge for about a kilometer and a half and took a lot of photos

A river flows along the gorge

In this photo below you can see small cars passing between the rocks and understand the real size of the rocks

In this place I was a little scared, huge boulders hang right over my head, and under them souvenir shops

The road through the Bicaz Gorge leads to the Red Lake – Lacul rosu – a very popular tourist spot. There are many restaurants near the lake, there are parking lots, hotels. You can’t swim in the lake, but you can go boating. I was here on a summer day on Sunday – there were a lot of people.

The lake is called Red, but it looks green. In the lake you can see sticking out pillars – these are the remains of trees that grew here many years ago, before the formation of the lake. The lake was formed in 1837 as a result of a collapse of rocks.

There is a hiking trail along the lake, you can take a walk and climb to the observation deck.