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Музей Чернобыль в Киеве

National Museum «Chernobyl» in Kyiv

The Chernobyl Museum, situated near Kontraktova Square in Kyiv, has an extensive collection of documents, photographs, personal belongings, station models, and equipment from the Chernobyl disaster. The museum’s exhibits paint a vivid picture of the event and its aftermath, including the abandoned villages, experiences of station staff and liquidators, and the effects of radiation. Visitors can access an exhibition on nuclear terrorism. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, with tickets ranging from UAH 45-90.

Миниатюра Мариинский дворец в Киеве

Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature”

The Museum of Miniatures “Ukraine in Miniature” in Kyiv’s Hydropark holds around 80 miniature objects representing significant landmarks from Kyiv, Crimea, Lviv, and other regions of Ukraine. Also included are famous Indonesian landmarks, introduced in 2017 with support from the Indonesian Embassy. Operating hours vary seasonally and tickets range from free to 150 UAH.

Верховня дворец Ганских

Museum Honore de Balzac in Verkhovnia, Ukraine

In 1832, Ewelina Hańska initiated a correspondence with Honoré de Balzac that led to their eventual marriage in 1850. Despite initial disappointment on their first meet, Balzac’s charm and intelligence won Evelina over. Their relationship was complicated by inheritance disputes and an approval needed for the marriage. A failed pregnancy in 1845 further saddened them. Balzac passed away later in 1850. Their residence now hosts an agricultural college and a museum with certain relics. The estate’s chapel and crypt, previously family tombs, are now empty.