Exclusion Zone

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Entrance to Chernobyl

City of Chernobyl

The city of Chernobyl has been known since 1193. At the time of the Chernobyl accident, 14,000 people lived in the city. The city fell into a 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Now people live in the city, both employees of the station and those who returned after the accident. The city […]

Secret soviet radar Duga

Former secret soviet object radar Duga-1

The former top-secret system Duga-1 has become a gigantic monument to the Cold War. Object “Duga-1” is an over-the-horizon radar station for early detection of launches of intercontinental missiles. The complex located near Chernobyl, Chernobyl-2, was engaged in scanning the territory of North America during the years of the Cold War. […]

Red forest sign

Red forest near Pripyat

During the explosion of the reactor, a large amount of radioactive dust was taken over by a pine forest near the station on the road to Pripyat. A high dose of radiation led to the death of trees and staining of needles in red. The forest was bulldozed and buried. […]

Ferris wheel in Pripyat

Walking in Pripyat

The city of Pripyat began to be built in 1970 as a satellite city of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Pripyat was originally planned as an exemplary city of superior comfort. Houses with better apartments, kindergartens, large spacious schools, a palace of culture, a stadium, a recreation park and much […]