Метро в Порту

Metro in Porto

General information about the metro in Porto

The metro in Porto is a very convenient and fast way to travel. It is the easiest and cheapest way to get from or to the airport (line E (purple) goes to the airport). By metro, you can go even to city Vila do Conde.

Metro website https://en.metrodoporto.pt/

Metro map of Porto in pdf

On the metro website, you can view the metro map and calculate the fare. There are large, easy-to-understand maps and metro diagrams at every metro station.

The metro in Porto is of the aboveground type, resembling a tram. Only occasionally does the train enter a small tunnel.

Trindade is the central station where you can interchange to the yellow D line. From Trindade station the purple E line starts, which goes to the airport.

Metro train at the airport Porto
Metro train at the airport

How to get by metro from Porto Airport

The metro station is located directly opposite the airport entrance. To get to the station, you need to follow the signs – there are blue lines on the floor leading to the metro. You follow this line, go down the escalator and get to the station.

First, you need to buy a card from the machine and top it up for the trip.

The metro in Porto is divided into zones; the cost of the trip depends on the zone number. You can see the list of stations with zone number on the machine on the right.

Select English in the machine, then select «Buy», then select the zone and number of trips (title). Before paying, you will need to select a payment method (cash or card). You will also be asked to enter your tax number or select the option that you are not a taxpayer in Portugal.

Path leading to the metro at Porto airport

Path leading to the metro at Porto airport
Path leading to the metro at Porto airport

Entrance to the metro station at the airport in Porto

Entrance to the metro station at the airport in Porto
Entrance to the metro station at the airport in Porto

At the metro station at the airport

At the metro station at the airport
At the metro station at Porto airport

How to pay for a trip to the Porto metro

Payment for trip on the metro is made at the machines at the stations. You can select English in the machine and then follow the instructions. You can buy a card and top it up with trips, or you can buy a ticket for the whole day or for a month. Details on the website.

When you first pay for the trip on metro, you are given a card. Then it can be replenished.

The metro is divided into zones; on the right side of the screen there is a list of all stations with the zone number. A trip in zone 3 from the airport together with the card cost 2.3 euros. You can pay in cash or by card. The card must be physical; there is no contactless payment.

Porto metro fare machine
The machine for buying a metro ticket
Porto metro fare machine
List of stations with zone number

Here in the photo there is a choice menu – top up the card (reload) or buy a new one (buy). When topping up, the card is placed in the compartment on the left – a black rectangle with circles.

Porto metro fare machine
The choice is to top up the card or buy a new one

The card looks like this

Porto metro card
Porto metro card

Trip validation

There are no turnstiles at metro stations in Porto. Each trip must be validated – there are small yellow machines at the station.

When switching to another line, you need to validate the trip again.

What happens if you don’t validate trips? You may be fined. I myself saw how men in uniform with badges and scanners came on the blue line A and began to scan all the cards. Two guys near me were given fines.

Validation machine in the Porto metro
Validation machine

Traveling by metro in Porto

There is a board at the station that shows the time until trains arrive.

The doors do not open automatically; you need to press the circle on the door. In the carriages there is a display with a running line – it writes the direction of travel and the next station.

When changing from Trindade station to the yellow line D, you need to physically change to another station – there are signs everywhere, it is clear where to go, and you can ask the station employee. On the yellow line there is the São Bento station – near this station there is the Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto) and other attractions.

Here is what a metro car looks like

Metro car in Porto
Metro car in Porto




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