Дубай Марина

Taxi in Dubai, taxi prices, Uber in Dubai

In Dubai we usually used Uber, «select» and «premium» segments.  Uber-x, as we understand, does not exist in principle. The cars were Lexus, Infinity and Tesla. Average cost of one taxi ride by Uber – 50-60 AED.

There is a taxi point in every mall, where you can find city taxi. At this type of taxi you pay by taxi meter. The cost of trip by this taxi is cheaper than Uber.

Sometimes we caught taxi on the road, they usually toyota camry cars.

Taxi prices in Dubai

The cost of trip by Uber Infinity from Jumeirah al Naseem to the Mall of Emirates was 50 AED,  the same trip by city taxi — 22 AED.  The trip by Tesla from Jumeirah al Naseem to the Dubai Marina cost 55 AED.  In the Uber taxi you can find water and magazines.

Also, almost all hotels have a limousine service, it almost costs the same as a taxi.

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