Площадь фонтанов в Sahl Hasheesh, Хургада

Fountain Square in Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada

Sahl Hasheesh – it is a new, closed area south of Hurghada, which means Green Valley. There are new, expensive hotels with the highest ratings, as well as the area of the fountains – Arrivals Piazza Sahl Hasheesh. To the Sahl Hasheesh you can drive by taxi. From Dana Beach hotel the trip cost 65 Egyptian pounds. Drive takes above 15 minutes.

Site http://sahlhasheesh.com/

The place is very beautiful, quiet, almost no people there. There is a restaurant and a cafe nearby. This place is also called Little Dubai.

It is worth going here to look at another Egypt. If I have to visit Hurghada again, I will definitely choose a hotel in this closed area.

The fountains turn on at 6 p.m.

Map of the location of the square

Video of fountains

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