Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

Casey & Skatie Event – Merge Mansion

Event Casey & Skatie becomes available at the end of the renovation of the Beach house location. During the event, you need to get beach toys to then craft a sign.

Point items – green stars

From beach furniture beach toys are crafted – red stars, spatulas, buckets. Two buckets form a ball from which two medals are crafted. Two medals make a cup, two cups make a bracelet, and two bracelets will give you a suitcase that will throw out green stars. Two suitcases will give you a surfboard, two boards will give you surf wax, then a bus, then a guidebook, then a shark. The shark produces green stars quite quickly, and produces not small, but large stars.

These items produce green stars
These items produce green stars

Beach Toys

Beach Toys

Additional items

Fish produce shells. Starting from the level 4 shell, shadow elements are thrown out – red stars, shovels, rakes, from which balls are assembled.

Tropical Fish

The mixer produces two panicles, with which you can open two shadow elements. You need to put watermelon slices into the mixer, each time you need a different number of slices. The mixer runs for half an hour. Unused watermelon slices turn into seeds, and the seeds turn into a new watermelon bush. I spent all my seeds and didn’t create any new ones, so my process with the mixer stopped. Seeds can be bought, the first seed costs 10 coins, each one becomes more and more expensive.

You can also buy red stars – the price is constant 100 coins. The mixer is only needed at the beginning to unblock the fish, then it is no longer needed. You also don’t need to craft a lot of shells, otherwise later the entire playing field will be occupied by shadow elements.

Unlike previous thematic events, here little depends on the player, everything is crafted and created by itself, the update time for all elements for crafting is quite long.

To obtain an item for crafting a sign, you only need to reach level 7 of the event.

Items to be collected in the event
Event Shop

At the end of the event, you will have different beach toys from which you must craft dolphins. I got three dolphins. For dolphins to start crafting items, they need to add level 6 butterflies and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are created by lanterns, butterflies are created by flower beds.



After you have charged the dolphin with mosquitoes and butterflies, it takes him 4 hours to start crafting items

Items that you will receive from the dolphin. From these you will create a sign.